Fall 2019

Fall 2019?

Where did fall 2019 go? No, that picture is not from this year, but yes, my feet are on the snow pile and I am leaning against the roof!

So, what did happen to fall? I can’t remember the last time I had to bring out the snow thrower this early, especially while living in southeastern Michigan. However, I do remember when Dr. Kristy and I lived in northern Michigan (Gaylord) and snowfall in October wasn’t uncommon. She took this photo of me, I believe back in January 2004. Back then, 8” of overnight snow wouldn’t even close the schools. A stark contrast to when we lived in central Texas and the mere thought of a quarter inch of snow could close schools and government offices. Note, this is not a swipe at the proud Texans, but just a casual observation that could probably be applied to many parts of the country. In fact, northern Texas gets plenty of snow.

While most Michigander’s use their snow shovels for clearing driveways and sidewalks, “up north” those shovels are also used for clearing roofs as well. While both of us enjoyed our time living in northern Michigan, I’m not sure we could do it again. The easy way to explain the difference in climate would be to take a typical southeastern Michigan winter, add about two more months of the same weather and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it’s like living in Gaylord. Up there, it means more ice fishing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Down here, I think it would probably mean just a greater longing for Spring.

Michigan is a beautiful four-season state, but sometimes we do skip a season. Yep, I see the snow, but winter’s official start is really over a month away. Enjoy!

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