Dr Kristy Bouchard - Chiropractic Cottage & Wellness Center in Troy, MI

Dr. Kristy Bouchard

Troy, MI chiropractor, Dr. Kristy Bouchard has over 20 years of experience in providing professional, personable and customized care based on the unique needs of each and every family member.

Along with advanced training in pediatrics and women’s health, she maintains a big heart for first responders, military veterans and families working with autism spectrum challenges.

Call 248-906-2225 today to schedule an appointment.

Waiting Area. Chiropractic Cottage & Wellness Center in Troy, MI

Rustic Cottage Décor

The rustic décor in the office includes handcrafted cedar log chairs, tables and crafts that were made in Michigan from logs harvested from the forests of Michigan.

Chiropractic Cottage in Troy, MI
Chiropractic Cottage

Watch for Wildlife

Please drive safely as deer, raccoons, ground hogs, rabbits, coyotes, fox, skunks, possums and other friendly critters frequent the area.

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